September 2017

The farm opened its gates to an open day organised by the National Beef Association, with more than 60 farmers from far and wide coming to pay Andrew and his team an early evening visit.

The tour started up on the airfield at Manby, and then moved on to the main farm unit where the cattle were inspected and great interest was shown in his handling and recording system.

Lots of questions were asked and answered, Westpoint Vets gave a brief talk covering vaccinations and AB Vista gave one on feeding.

Click here to read an article written about the open day.

On a very irritating note – Grimoldby Cricket Club had their mower stolen from a locked container over the weekend 2-3rd September. Compounded when you take into account the amount of voluntary work that gets so many local youngsters on to the cricket field – three junior teams is a great achievement for a humble village club. I hope the thiefs’ conscience is rattling – was that a pig that just flew over? (And I had just filled it up with diesel)